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Adoption Requirements


1) Fill out an On-Line Adoption application after reading this entire page: This should be completed with little or no omissions or incorrect data. Please understand that we cannot process your application if you do not take the time to fill one out properly. Please note that until we review your application and tell you that you are approved to adopt, you cannot adopt one of our dogs - the process does take a little while so it is good start early. For various reasons, we are no longer acepting "hand-apps."

Pay particular attention to your references and Veterinarian, including phone numbers. Filling out an on-line application before you come to the Saturday clinic will speed up the process, and will go directly to the HB volunteers who manage applications. Please remember to click the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" button when completed.

If you are not within 40 miles of the Albany Airport, please do not apply. This a distance we decided upon and if you disagree with our definition for out-of-the-area, please feel free to look for a dog in your community.

2) Interview: Qualified volunteer (we are all volunteers) interviews you, for numerous reasons. First, we want to find our dogs the best possible homes. Second, we want to match personalities as much as possible. (We really hate to see adoptions fail). Third, we get a kick out of helping to complete families, and who knows, you might get convinced to become a volunteer as well. We require everyone in the household to be present for the interview process, especially young children. We need to see the interaction between the dog and everyone in the family, and for that reason we NEVER do surprise or gift adoptions.

3) Reference Check: See the first reason for the interview……

4) Home Visit: We will do a home visit if you have animals at home that we feel our dog needs to meet before adoption takes place. Sometimes personalities clash, and somebody does not like someone else. This is especially true if you have cats and we do not know how the dog you wish to adopt will react to cats. We will also do a home visit for any potential adopter who requests it or if we feel there is a situation at home that warrants one. We have replaced the home visit for many of our adopters, by our interview, as we feel it is thorough and tells us what we wish to know.

5) Contract: (Link to contract) Once you are approved we will meet to handle the paperwork at our Saturday clinic. Once the contract is completed, your adoption fee (CLICK HERE) is paid (We accept cash and checks only), your new family member is turned over. We then hand over or mail you copies of everything we have about your new dog (medical records particularly).

6) Follow Ups: You may hear from us!! We will try to make follow up calls to check out how things are going.

7) Also, please send us pictures of your new family member whenever possible. We love to see success stories, so please keep in touch. You are very welcome to come to a later clinic with your new family member and show him (her) off. We also love to get Alumni pictures and stories from the new family to post.


Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of New York, LLC.
P.O. Box 5782
Albany, NY 12205

Adoption Clinics:
Saturdays, by Invitation

202 Front St.

(our entrance is really on John St.)
Schenectady, NY 12105

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