The Homeward Bound Adoption Fee

The adoption fee is not a purchase or sale price and is not refundable.

Our current fees are $250 for dogs over 24 months old and $350 for puppies/dogs up to 24 months, which covers part of our out-of-pocket expenses. At times due to the nature of rescue work we do not know exact history of each dog, so we use the information we have to make our best determination of age. The adoption fee is based on our understanding of the dog's age, which you should be comfortable with at the time of adoption. You are welcome to give more as part of a donation but please do not ask us to take less - every penny goes to help save another dog and none of us are paid to do this - we do this to help great dogs find loving homes.

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization and is run by a group of volunteers, all dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs and helping them find their forever homes.

All of our volunteers donate their time to Homeward Bound and most of us are foster homes, taking in dogs prior to them being adopted. This allows us to give you a profile of your our dogs personalities and can help match you up with the most appropriate dog.

All our dogs are vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to placement in a home. There are some exceptions to this rule and we always do our best to make sure you know as much about your dog as we know. Sometimes in rescue, that means we may not know everything. You can rest assured, however, that we have done our best under the circumstances. This is also why we recommend that you bring your dog to your vet after you adopt him or her.

We sometimes get asked why we charge an adoption fee and the answer is simple: it helps to defray SOME of the costs associated with rescuing your dog. Costs can include: fees to shelters, spaying and neutering, shots, emergency medical care and medicine as well as occasionally having to pay an outside source for getting the dogs to the area. We also have rent, heating & cooling, a cell phone, a website and office supplies that we need to purchase in order to run the group. The fee helps to pay for some of this and we rely on donations to help us make up the rest difference. We will gladly show you the typical medical expenses we pay in keeping our puppies and dogs alive and in good health.

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