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This is Nate - he embodies everything good about dog rescue. He was saved by Tam as she had been forced to watch him decline mentally and physically until one day she went in the back door where he was being boarded and took him home – busted him out. He literally stayed in a corner of the kitchen for weeks – it was his safe zone. Slowly, Nate would explore parts of the house, just for a moment, before running back to his safe zone. After close to 6 months of “therapy” with our pack and other foster dogs, Nate felt strong enough to leave the house and go to adoption clinics, where he still trembled in fear, until he met Erica, his new mom. Erica was quite possibly was the only mom good enough for a special guy like Nate – and we know that Nate blessed her life as he did ours…

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This is Toby (~2010 - July 2013) - he had a few short years but made the most of them. He met every day flat out and ready to play. Please check out hs pictures and video.

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Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of New York, LLC.
P.O. Box 5782
Albany, NY 12205

Adoption Clinics:
Saturdays, by Invitation

202 Front St.

(our entrance is really on John St.)
Schenectady, NY 12105

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